Restoration Specialists

The porch of a barn restored by Stable Hollow Construction

Restoration of damaged or run-down property is delicate work. Historic preservation jobs must stay true to the original design. Stable Hollow Construction will carefully improve your existing structures the best way possible. Working throughout PA and MD, we evaluate projects thoroughly to determine the necessary steps in making your restored barn safe and structurally sound. But a solid framework is not our only concern. Throughout each step, we also give great thought to creating the most aesthetically-pleasing result.

At other times, owners are not concerned about the historic authenticity of their structure. Sometimes they want to give their building a new look or a new purpose. In any case, we will communicate with you from start to finish, welcoming your ideas and aspirations. Whether restoration or renovation, SHC is all about making your dreams take shape. Your goals are our goals, and we will conscientiously follow them as precisely as possible during the whole restoration or remodel project.

The Stable Hollow team is experienced in diverse types of restoration projects - from old barn and house renovations to historic building restorations. What building on your property needs some caring attention?