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Hear from past customer in their own words.

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Over the past 20 years, we have been blessed to work with some of the best customers.

Folks who hire us because we share a vision and a passion for barn restoration. Many of these customers we now call friends. And now you can hear from them, in their own words.

I know from experience that contractors are busy, and sometimes you get the feeling it’s a chore for them to make changes. But for Stable Hollow, it never seemed to be a chore. It never seemed like too much. I appreciate the ease of doing business, very clear communication on the POS, and the willingness to modify and extend the project beyond what I initially intended.

-Jason Baver
Auburn, PA

As I was trying to determine if the barn could be refurbished or rebuilt, or what the next step may be, I reached out to a few companies. Stable Hollow was prompt, very helpful, and honest with giving recommendations and options for the barn.

From the first day materials and the crews arrived on site until the last day, I was very well pleased. All questions and concerns were addressed promptly. The final clean up of the jobsite was exceptional!

Professional, Hard Working, Quality Workmanship, Great Communication, Pleasant Attitude, Understanding and Practicing Exceptional Customer Service!

Top Notch Company to do business with!

-Dean W.
Halifax, PA
Barn Restoration

We engaged Stable Hollow to help us restore our 200+-year-old barn at our farm in Washington County, Maryland. When we acquired the property, the barn was already showing signs of failure. After farming and using the barn for a year, it was on the verge of imminent collapse. Fortunately, we were referred to Stable Hollow Construction as experts in this field. They came in, assessed the condition of the barn, and developed a plan for restoring the building. In the course of developing the proposal and scope of work, they made two trips to the site, and went over many details with us as they developed the proposal. I have done extensive work in real estate development in my career, and the attention to detail and careful planning that the project manager gave to our project was above any I had experienced before. When it came time to execute the work, the crew was always on time and thorough in their work. The project went forward on schedule. Whenever a question or new issue arose as part of the project, the project manager communicated with me immediately so there was never a question on change orders or what had been completed. Ultimately, they delivered the project to a level beyond what we had hoped for, and in a way that ensured everyone was on the same page, and there were no unexpected surprises. I would highly recommend working with them for similar projects!

-Stephanie R.
Knoxville, MD
Barn restoration

Thank you to all of the SHC team! Our barn renovation project exceeded our expectations. The craftsmanship and attention to detail was outstanding. The work ethics of the field crew of Dakota, Alvin, Lee and Clayton should be bottled and sold! Even our neighbors commented about how hard they all worked, plus they were a pleasure to have around for a few weeks. After all the pizza and ice cream my wife had for them, I thought maybe they wouldn’t leave.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the barn. We are honored to take part in restoring and saving a piece of PA history! I believe our barn will stay standing for at least another 180 years!

Thank you,

-Dan & Lori L.
York, PA
Bank Barn Restoration

The integrity of that company, and the quality of the workmanship is unsurpassed. I had no idea the level of detail these gentlemen had… [My friends and family said], “Wow, what a company! Larry, you picked the right people.”

“Yes I did. There is not a doubt in my mind that Stable Hollow were the people that were to do this barn for me.”

-Larry Darrenkamp, Owner
Conowingo, MD

We put a lot of time and effort into preserving this colonial jewel. We were instilled to appreciate it and to do whatever was in our power to preserve it. For that reason, you bring in the best people you can. You don’t cut any corners.

-Craig Coleman, owner of Elizabeth Furnace
Lititz, PA
Elizabeth Furnace in Lititz, PA

Stable Hollow Construction helped me turn my dream into reality. From the moment they came out to give me an estimate on the work and discuss my plans, I noticed an unparalleled attention to detail. All of the people I worked with at the company were courteous and helpful. They went above and beyond to answer my questions and address my concerns. The work was done in a timely fashion, and the employees were very respectful. The diligence and perseverance shown when finding and fixing the leak in the water pump is especially noteworthy. The company is very professional and has excellent customer service. They even came back out after the project was completed to adjust some of the fastenings I was having trouble manipulating. The finished work is just what I wanted and more. The gutter work has been meticulously done. The beautifully crafted stable area could not be finer – it does not even look remotely like the same space I started with. I would definitely turn to Stable Hollow for future projects.

-Rona F.
York Springs, PA
Garage barn improvements

Building relationships is an important value for our team. We value the worth of others highly and want to see both our clients and our employees thrive. It’s our goal to nurture the skills and talents of our team, so they, in turn, can do the same thing for our customers

-Stoltzfus brothers, Owners of Stable Hollow
Halifax, PA

There was quality and attention to detail at every step. They employed maximum reuse of materials. Any decay in an original beam or post could be cut out and the piece could be resized for windows, door frames, and trim. Besides saving some money, the reuse greatly contributed to maintaining the character and heritage of the barn.

-John Murray
Manchester, MD

I know hard work when I see it. I know organization when I see it. That was apparent from day one with Stable Hollow Construction. They were willing to restore everything they could on my barn. They had a lot more confidence in the barn’s structure than I did. I want them back when I have more restoration projects.

-Jim Clifford
Poolesville, MD

It’s been such a blessing — this journey of loss. I lost half my family between January of 2016 and March of 2017. Then I inherited the barn. Now the renewal of everything my mom always wanted…not to have the barn fall into disrepair. I value the entire journey but especially the history and looking back and remembering.

-Kelly Drosdak
Keedysville, MD
fully restored historic barn

When I started the journey of restoring my 100 plus year old barn, I did not realize the subtle but extraordinary combination of construction skills and historical design knowledge required to bring the old building to life again. The Stable Hollow team worked hard to ensure that that every aspect of the project was coordinated and executed as promised even through poor weather and difficult logistics. Today the barn is ready for its second century and for generations to come. If you are looking for a high quality team to restore your barn and like outbuildings, look no further than Stable Hollow as your honest partner.

-Chris Dascenzo
Green Lane, PA

Stable Hollow Construction did excellent work on our barn. They added new support beams, crafted a number of new doors, and updated some of the trim. The doors are beautiful, and we were very pleased not only with their quality work but with their professionalism, their communication on the project, and their dedication to finishing the work in a timely manner. This is a very well-run business, and we thank them for their service.

-Jamie McGlaughlin
Elizabethtown, PA

Stable Hollow does a fantastic job. Very thorough – no punch list. I would not hesitate to recommend them! I particularly enjoy working with Daniel.

-Ned Halle
Upperco, MD

Over the last 7 years MR Roofing has installed complete new roofs on two 100 year old houses. Stable Hollow has restored a 200 year-old large stone barn and two tractor sheds (including new roofs on all three buildings). I am 72 years old and can enthusiastically say that it does not get any better than this. At the end of every job I am sorry to see them leave. Great guys and fantastic craftsmen!

-Philip Grill
Chevy Chase, MD

Thank goodness we found Stable Hollow to preserve it. Now it’s hard to imagine what the property would be like if that barn wasn’t there.

Even with Stable Hollow driving almost 2 hours a day, they got more done when they were here than anyone else ever did. They don’t waste any time. We learned a ton about barns, and Stable Hollow was an incredible source of knowledge. We learned a lot about their woodworking and how they were able to repurpose so many things. Anybody who is looking to restore a barn, and called or asked, I would 100% suggest to work with them. I think they are honest, fair, trustworthy, knowledgeable craftsmen, who were as passionate about saving and restoring the property as we were. Leroy would come out and he would be giddy, and Daniel, the foreman on most of the job, was one of the best people I have worked with on any project. We went and bought hand-wrought iron straps for all the doors, and they made it work. They look beautiful. Nobody else would have taken the effort to do that.

-Rob and Gina
Stroudsburg, PA
barn restoration

I have made multiple recommendations of SHC and I know of at least two that turned into jobs! Always happy to recommend a firm that does excellent work and is responsive to their customers!

-Don Linebaugh, PhD, RPA
Stewartstown, PA
Barn Restoration

Looking at the inside of our barn you can see the knee wall installed to stabilize the foundation as well as the new post supporting the floor. What cannot be seen is all the work that took place to remove partitions, a concrete feeding trough, other debris as well as rotted railroad ties used as flooring and a layer of old straw and animal waste. Also all the excavation and regrading plus installation of drainage piping behind the retaining wall and in from of the barn wall. All of this excavation work took place during spring rains creating lots of mud. My compliments to Mr. Daniel Esh and his crew.

-Mark Christ
Barnesville, PA
Barn Beams Restoration

Stable Hollow did a fantastic job for me and was fast and professional. I enjoyed working with the company and will definitely use them again.

-Ned Halle
Upperco, MD

We felt at home with Stable Hollow, and we didn’t want to just restore another barn. We wanted something special. Our barn is now a safe working event space. By the time the construction was finished, we had become such good friends with them that all my friends and family wanted to meet them. The team was great, easy to work with, and very high energy. I would recommend Stable Hollow for their quality of work and their professionalism. When I do tours for clients, they tell me, “Your attention to detail is amazing!” Stable Hollow Construction kept the integrity of the cool nooks and crannies of the original structure.

-Leah Nadu
Historic Ashland

I’ve worked in construction for years, and I could tell that the Stable Hollow team was very knowledgeable about the history of the building, and the construction. After some things were done, I changed my mind, and anything I wanted to be changed, they did without crying about it. You can’t hide wires anywhere, but you go look around our barn, and you can’t see any of them. Stable Hollow does not go the cheap route. I would never recommend someone as highly as I recommend them.

-Jeff Nadu
Historic Ashland
Historic Wedding Barn Restoration

We felt at home with Stable Hollow, and we didn’t want to just restore another barn. We wanted something special. Our barn is now a safe working event space. By the time the construction was finished, we had become such good friends with them that all my friends and family wanted to meet them. The team was great, easy to work with, and very high energy. I would recommend Stable Hollow for their quality of work and their professionalism. When I do tours for clients, they tell me, “Your attention to detail is amazing!” Stable Hollow Construction kept the integrity of the cool nooks and crannies of the original structure.

-Leah Nadu
Historic Ashland
gazebo outside of wedding barn

We feel that Stable Hollow Construction does an outstanding job at reconstructing barns. They are always on schedule and do excellent work. We have had numerous neighbors and friends remark at the excellent renovation of our barn. We would not hesitate to recommend Stable Hollow Construction to anyone who wants excellent work at a reasonable price.

-David Prewitt
Colonial Village, Philadelphia, PA

We love the work done by Stable Hollow Construction. We had our barn, which was built in the 1800s, resided with new barn boards. It looks amazing. We are preserving a part of history for our family, thanks to Stable Hollow. Daniel was very attentive to our needs, Benjamin and crew were very thorough, courteous, and friendly. We highly recommend this company. Thank you, Stable Hollow Construction.

-Martin & Judy Hutira
Barnesville, PA
Barn restoration

Wow! What a fine job. Hard working crew, nice fellas. I enjoyed watching them work. The team you sent performed well beyond their years. Very sharp tools – a trait of well trained men. Excellent craftsmanship – very impressive!

Thank you!

-Jeff Weaver
Hershey, PA
garage stable

The Stable Hollow team did an exceptional job of rebuilding our stone wall. Not only was the work meticulous but they cleaned up every night before leaving! We will happily recommend Stable Hollow Construction to all of our friends!

-John Burrows
Wayne, PA
patio wall stone stonewall masonry brick

Just wanted to drop you a short note to say how impressed I am with your crew…in addition to their work ethic they have been great to work with and always willing to make the extra effort to help me with this project.

I look forward to working with you over the next few years to fully restore the barn.

-D. Warfield
Sparks Glencoe, MD

The Drainage Ditch has worked perfectly since installed. We have no water in the barn in front of the barn or in the driveway. We had hay delivered today and they backed the truck up to the stairs to the hay loft! Thank you for the wonderful, professional job your company did on the run in shed, as well. I am very happy with the job your company did and the professionalism and cooperation of your staff. Steve was wonderful. I would be happy to provide recommendations for your company.

-Sandi Baksi
Newville, PA

Thank-You for Everything! The front door and Bay window look Beautiful! We are so pleased with everything – Wonderful Job!
The Yoders

-Jason Yoder
Manheim, PA

Thanks to all our fine friends at Stable Hollow… We love you guys almost as much as we love our new barn!

-Richard Decker
Devon, PA

Hi Leroy! Good to hear from you! All is well here at Tananment. The barn/arena is working out very well. At the end of the day when work is finished, I walk through that arena and admire everything that it is and I am thankful every day of my life. It has all worked very well for us. The only thing we have to do is order magna flakes to put down on the sand because it is way too dusty and these flakes will eliminate that problem. We are constantly dusting off the wood rails, etc, and that is no fun! In the spring we will have a couple of pallets of the magna flakes delivered. We sure hope that you and everyone else is doing good. We still talk about all of you, and I have to say that we are very fortunate that we picked Stable Hollow Construction to build our dream arena/barn. Please tell everybody hello! A special hello to Henry, Steve, Ephraim, Seth and of course you, Leroy! Have a great day!

-Scott and Wendy Sienkiewicz
Benton, PA
horse barn and arena by Stable Hollow Construction

The barn is in place and everything went wonderfully. It was great doing business with you and Stable Hollow Construction. Thank You for the great barn, Toni Boyle

-Toni Boyle
Andreas, PA

Thank-You so much for the fabulous job you folks did in building our new garage, we interveiwed six other companies before selecting yours. Cost was certainly a factor in our selection, but more importantly we were impressed with Seth’s thorough sales presentation. he provided an accurate picture of the company. Complete specifications and personalized ideas to make our garage have a cottage look. He clearly went over and beyond the other companies we talked with Your project manager also never let us down through the entire building process. He communicated regularly and accurately, when he said something was going to happen, it did, He was personally involved with the building crew who were also wonderful, hard working people. Our neighbors commented how well the team cleaned up the worksite at the end of every day, they were all respectful of our time and property. The finished project is unique and exactly what we were looking for. it was indeed a pleasure working with your team. The project was finished quickly and exactly to our specifications. You are very lucky to have a team like that; they are maticulous to a fault and represent your company extremely well. We would love to tell others about our positive experience Stable Hollow Construction.

-Chuck Speigal
Hershey, PA
Stable Hollow built a garage for Chuck Speigal.

The roof looks great!! A job well done. The guys are keeping things neat and picking up after themselves.

-Barb Hoffer
Birdsboro, PA
SHC restored the roof on this old barn.

I cannot imagine how you could be better. Thank-you so much.

-Alien Kennedy
West Chester, PA

Thank-You for the terrific job on our barn; we are getting compliments on on it from our neighbors already.

-David L Shearer
Bainbridge, PA
Barn remodel job by Stable Hollow Construction

I contacted several companies via the internet for quotes on a custom home. Wow, was I glad I picked Stable Hollow. The home was totally custom; they worked through the construction process with us. We had many changes along the way with no problems. The home turned out better than our imagination. The workers were awesome and so great to work with. We actually miss having them around. Will I use them again…oh yes. Thanks guys, you did a great job, it was fun working with you. The great thing was we got to know most of the guys by their first name. You can’t say that about most contractors. The response via email and phone was quick and informative. Thanks, Bob

-Robert Meyers
Mechanicsburg, PA
Small house construction by Stable Hollow Construction

Thank-you. I love the barn and so do the horses. It was great doing business with you.

-Annette Boyle
Andreas, PA

Stable Hollow Construction has skilled, honest, and reliable craftsman. I will recommend them to anyone who is seeking a builder who clearly knows their trade and cares about their customer’s satisfaction.

-Christa Brown
Manheim, PA

Stable Hollow was a great team to work with. We are so glad we used them to build our garage. The work was done timely and they did not let a little rain slow them down. The project manager was frequently making sure things were done right and to our satisfaction. Could not ask for a better company to work for. Thanks Stable Hollow!

-Mark and Lori Koch
Manheim, PA

Hi Henry – We always enjoy your newsletter! Good to know you are busy! Thanks for Steve’s work on the house the other week. Can’t tell you how thankful we are for what he did – all of the monster rains came after that day. His work in combination with the other drainage work we had done saved us from any major damages from the storms! As always, we appreciate your friendship and our relationship.

-Ben Nolt
Grantville, PA

Nice job at Spruce !! (Good Job) We appreciated the telephone calls.

-Daniel and Sara Nafziger
Lancaster, PA

Hi, Leroy So nice to hear from you. Yes, we have been busy with the final touches on the barn, starting school, and all of our critters. We have actually just about finished the landscaping around the barn and have grass growing! We even have a hot tub person coming today to hopefully get it running! I will try and get you some pictures…… We definitely talk about how wonderful you guys are every chance we get to people around us. Everyone who comes to visit is always super impressed

-Jen Lynch
Dickerson, MD
Stable Hollow Construction converted this run-down barn into a poolhouse.

Nice job at Spruce !! (Good Job) We appreciated the telephone calls.

Hi Leroy, As always, it has been a pleasure working with you and your crew. The guys did a great job. The overhang is perfect and the horses and donkeys are enjoying it this morning. The only thing I should have done is get an estimate for rain gutter and a downspout. I can see that being a future need. Anyway, I was surprised that they got it done in one day. All of the guys were really polite and professional. It was nice to see Ephraim and Daniel again. Take care. Thanks for the great service. Jeanie T

-Jeanie Troutman
Orwigsburg, PA

Leroy, the past few weeks I have been reading in scriptures about the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. The meditation has reminded me of how God is the Master builder. I marvel at how He moved His spirit upon the hearts of men and gifted them with many different skills, talent and wisdom to successfully build a place where He had purposed for His Spirit to dwell. The skilled craftsmen in scripture are fascinating to me because they demonstrate the wisdom of the Master Builder. As I read, my heart grew deeply grateful for you and the skilled craftsmen in your company who are working to reconstruct our home. Last week I went to see the home and was so blessed to see the progress and work that was done. I praise God for the blessing He has given us in the workmanship displayed by your men. Please relay our gratefulness to them.

-Tracy Samoni
Norwood, PA

Hope all is well on your end and you are keeping busy. I just wanted to let you know how HAPPY Ben is with the work you guys did. The barn is working out GREAT!!!!!! It was so easy to sort and load animals, we had the job done in less time than it use to take to set up all the panels. Everything is so much easier now. Thank you once again. Stay safe and have a beautiful day.

-Ben and Carol Prewozny
Glen Gardner, NJ

Deciding on a building contractor is not an easy task! We talked with several other contractors and received bids. Save your time – look no more – call Stable Hollow Construction. We did and could not be more pleased. Not only was there price more reasonable; their service was even better! They will give personal attention to your project, have excellent workmanship, quality materials, and pay attention to detail. No request was denied, your building is built to your specifications, maintain a neat and tidy worksite, fast, courteous workmen, don’t mind changes, complete the job in a timely manner and really strive to please the customer. Stable Hollow Construction will go the extra mile to make you happy! You will not regret doing business with Stable Hollow Construction.

-Ben Nolt
Grantville, PA
Shop / garage built by Stable Hollow Construction

Stable Hollow Construction has done several jobs for us – putting on a roof, replacing a porch floor, and building a 2 door garage. We have been pleased with there services. They kept us informed of the work scedule, cleaned up the work site well and were very careful in there work. we will certainly use them again when we have construction needs.

-Carol Thomas
Elizabethtown, PA
This two-car garage is one of several projects done by SHC for Carol Thomas.

I am very pleased with the help and with the work you did for me. If I ever need another building I will keep you in mind!! Thank You

-Eli Ebersole
Manheim, PA

Thank you again, to you and your whole crew, for the extremely fine work you did. I hope you had a good ride home and that the hurricane did not cause too much damage where you live and where you are working next. I will send a final photo once the slab, the headgates, and the excavation have been completed. May God continue to bless your work and your lives!

-Mother Augusta (Abby Of Reginia Laudis)
Bethlehem, CT
Work in progress by Stable Hollow Construction

I am very pleased with the help and with the work you did for me. If I ever need another building I will keep you in mind!! Thank You

They were all very pleasant to work with at all stages of our project. They worked very fast and were quite thorough. Everything was as promised.

-Katherine Nelson
New Freedom, PA

We love our new riding arena/barn. From the initial contact, right down to the finished product, the Stable Hollow team did a great job. They are clearly professionals with an amazing work ethic that never wavered. All our future building plans will include Stable Hollow Construction!

-Scott and Wendy Sienkiewicz
Benton, PA
horse barn built by Stable Hollow Construction

To all the guys at Stable Hollow Construction. Thank-you for the beautiful barn you built for us. We get lots of compliments on it. We appreciate your attention to detail from the planning to construction to wrap up. The children really enjoyed watching the guys work and I hope they did not get in the way too much. They miss all the extra activity around here now that it is all done. Thanks for the job well done!!

-Joe & Suzanne King
Farmersville, PA
Bank barn built by Stable Hollow Construction