Adaptive Reuse

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Adaptive reuse brings new life to old barns. 

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Turning your old barn into a public space will bring enjoyment to many and can be a great investment. 

From wedding venues and wineries to farm markets and art galleries, the uses are only limited by your imagination. 

Barn renovated by Stable Hollow Construction

When your project has a commercial application, it’s important to work with a builder who understands your goal and the requirements for your barn to be used commercially. Maintaining the historic appeal and appearance of your barn while considering how the space will function – and all the required building codes requires a lot of creativity. 

We believe adaptive reuses for historic barns are one of the most exciting ways we get to stand by our mission of “Building the future. Preserving the past.” simply because of the number of people who will be able to enjoy the spaces. 

Let our past work speak for itself and inspire you.

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Visit our project gallery below. Use the filters to help identify features you’d like to incorporate into your project. 

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I’ve worked in construction for years, and I could tell that the Stable Hollow team was very knowledgeable about the history of the building, and the construction.

After some things were done, I changed my mind, and anything I wanted to be changed, they did without crying about it. You can’t hide wires anywhere, but you go look around our barn, and you can’t see any of them. Stable Hollow does not go the cheap route. I would never recommend someone as highly as I recommend them.

Jeff Nadu Historic Ashland