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Timber Frame Repair & Restoration

The heart of what we do lies in the centuries-old tradition of timber frame construction. We repair timber framed barns and build new timber frame barns. Many of the structures we work on have been standing for hundreds of years. With the right repairs and maintenance, they are protected to stand for hundreds more. 

Timber Frame Barn Construction

As we build new timber frame barns, we know we’re building more than a structure. It will be a timeless classic and a legacy for generations. 

When you think “barn,” you probably visualize a timber-frame barn. These beautiful, rustic structures rely on ancient building methods and are built to last. Timber-frame barns use large pieces of lumber, often cut directly from a tree, placed farther apart than in typical stick-frame buildings. Various types of unique joints and wooden pins or pegs hold the pieces together.

Timber frame barns are solid from their hearts of immense timbers through the hand-crafted joints to the finishing planks. Our barn-building crews enjoy the challenge of crafting traditional timber frame barns.

Timber framing project by Stable Hollow Construction
Timber framing project by Stable Hollow Construction

History of Timber Frame Construction

The history of timber frame construction can be traced back centuries. Found throughout the world, archeological sites have discovered joints for structures as early as 200 BC.  In Europe today it is not uncommon to find timber frame structures dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. This construction method is beautiful but also very strong when well maintained. 

In America, historic timber frame construction is most notably found in barns, with structure dating back to the 1700s. However, timber framing was one of the major building models in the United States until the industrial revolution of the early 1900s.

Diaries of early Americans in New England describe the culture surrounding timber framing as one of community-driven labor. Farmers in need of a new barn would spend the winter gathering wood and then preparing the wood for a master timber framer through the spring. Under the timber framer’s direction, the farmer and his neighbors would raise the structure together. In this way, barns and town halls were constructed relatively quickly with the help of fellow citizens.

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