Why Stable Hollow?

Turnkey Construction Company

SHC is a turnkey construction company.

As a full Turn Key Construction Company, we give you your project ready to "turn the key" and move in. From start to finish, we care for all aspects of the Design and Build process. We shoulder the responsibility of coordinating everything from paperwork to subcontractors, streamlining and de-stressing the construction process for you.


We work hard to earn your trust.

Trust means reliance. You can rely on our ability to get the job done, to treat you respectfully and honestly, and to be on your team. We are committed to deliver what we promise in a cost-effective manner, giving you the best value that we can. Trust is an essential value to us at Stable Hollow Construction.


SHC carpenters do what's best for you.

An advantage of custom construction is flexibility: your wants, needs, and preferences are the focus. We adapt the construction process to meet you, freeing you from prepacked systems. Stable Hollow Construction is committed to providing you with personal attention, being flexible without cutting corners.


Experienced carpenters do quality work.

A simple definition of quality is "the right materials in the hands of the right craftspeople." We use the longest-lasting, most reliable materials available. We put these materials into the hands of only the best skilled and honest craftspeople and/or subcontractors. This makes your construction project durable, beautiful, and masterfully installed — a quality project.


We respect your family and propery.

Respect of person and property is a core value of Stable Hollow Construction Company. This means keeping our work sites neat and tidy. We will do our absolute best to protect your personal property and uphold your standards.


Planning for a restoration or building project thrives on communication.

Communication is important. It spans the difference between shoddy and satisfaction. We treat you like you are our only customer, regardless of size or the longevity of your construction project. As we listen to your preferences, we are able to make informed, professional suggestions.


We keep the working relationship transparent.

Honest, open, frankness is what you get when you work with Stable Hollow. We do not beat around the bush or hit you with surprises. Clear communication is so important to us that we travel long distances to provide free estimates. You get answers up front.


Your time frame is our priority.

Your time frame is important to Stable Hollow Construction Company. We know the weather is unpredictable; we also know that you are invested in your construction deadlines. Rain or shine, we will work with whatever God gives us to do our absolute best to stay on schedule. We prioritize your time frame.

We Work with You

When plans change, we are your partners to reach your goals.

Sometimes things change. We are here to stand by you when they do. If your building plans change, we will work with you to achieve your goal on time and on budget. We are here to see your construction project through from design to completion.


The SHC team consists of experienced craftsmen.

A construction professional is reliable, competent, and courteous. He or she is up to date in the construction process. The professional is kind, honest, and highly skilled. You will receive a fair, timely and professional job every time we work together. We pay attention to the details and do construction well.