Wedding Barn Venues & Retreat Centers

Exterior of wedding barn

Ever wonder what to do with your old barn? Why not repurpose it as a reception center? Wedding barns, as they are commonly called, are a popular venue choice for weddings, anniversary parties, graduation parties, and business conferences. Turning your old barn into an event space will bring enjoyment to many, is a great investment, and can provide an opportunity to work from home. 

What will your finished barn look like? It's all up to you. Some prefer the cozy feeling of an old barn with a high ceiling, old windows and doors, and traditional mortise and tenon framing. Others prefer the airier atmosphere of drywall between the beams in place of the old wood planking, a style especially suited to barns built with  stone. Will you design your wedding barn as an open-air, three-season venue for less cost upfront, or as a four-season facility to generate income year round? How large should your barn be? How many people should your barn host? Ask the Stable Hollow Team. We will help you navigate your needs and code requirements. 

Why hire Stable Hollow Construction? Stable Hollow Construction provides enthusiastic, high-quality service. From the sales team to the janitor on your project, we only hire people who are enthusiastic about what we do. We always maintain a healthy, safe, and enjoyable construction site.