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The Restoration of an Auburn PA Barn

Where the hawks fly overhead, and tomahawks and arrowheads lie silently underground in the fields nearby . . . partway up a rusty-red mountain road sits a bank barn.

Specializing in Barn Restoration

Barn Door

Restoring old barns is our favorite work. We'd do it every day if we had the chance.

Do you have a deteriorating barn on your property? Imagine the reward you will feel by turning it into the highlight of your property. That same rewarding feeling is what our team experiences each time we are given a chance to preserve another barn. 

Barn Renovation

As much as we like to restore old barns, that's not all we do. If you want to update the look of your barn or or remodel your barn for a new purpose, read on. Whether your barn needs a new roof and siding or you want to remodel your barn for a new purpose, you will enjoy planning your barn renovation project with an expert from Stable Hollow Construction. Even more, you will enjoy your renewed barn after our carpenters are done with it.

Other Renovations

Whether restoring the exterior of a historic stone home or turning an outbuilding into a garage, not every project we do fits neatly into the barn restoration or renovation categories. If your dream has an unusual twist, please contact Stable Hollow Construction. That's the kind of surprise our carpenters and stone masons thrive on. And if your project is not the type of work we do, we will point you in the right direction.

Elizabeth Furnace Barn

Barn Construction

Stable Hollow Construction builds new barns

Stable Hollow Construction works to build barns ranging from storage buildings to elaborate event spaces. With ideas gleaned from years of experience restoring old barns, our team will bring creativity and passion to your new timber frame barn construction project.

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Garage Construction

If you're looking to add a new structure but want it to mimic the historic integrity of your property we would love to make your dreams a reality. The process begins with a designer who will listen and design according to your needs. Then Stable Hollow carpenters will carefully build your new building or garage with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as your historic property.

Roofing Contractor

MR Roofing, Stable Hollow Construction's sister company, specializes in both commercial and residential roof installations. We are equipped to replace all types of roofs and have access to the best roofing products. A new roof greatly increases the value of your building. Most importantly, a quality roof is essential to preserving your building’s lifespan and overall health.

Restored barn with attached garage.

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