Barn Renovation and Remodeling in PA and MD

bank barn renovated by SHC

Is your barn deteriorating? Are you wondering how to refurbish an old barn? With careful thought and the right resources, our expert craftsmen can renovate your barn into a cultural treasure, even better than it was before! Not every barn owner wants to historically restore his barn. If you want to update the look of your barn or remodel your barn for a new purpose, contact Stable Hollow Construction. As much as we like to restore old barns, we get nearly as excited by old barn renovation!

Does your barn need new siding or a new roof? Or maybe you would like an addition added to your barn? The barn remodeling experts at Stable Hollow Construction are ready to help you. If you need to remodel your barn for another use, replace aging parts with modern components, or refurbish your barn for the next 100 years, discuss your barn renovation ideas with an expert from Stable Hollow Construction. He will help you draft a plan and budget for your barn renovation costs.

Once your custom plan is drafted, our carpenters will carefully implement your barn renovation ideas. As Mark and Lori Koch stated, "The project manager was frequently making sure things were done right and to our satisfaction. Could not ask for a better company to work for." As your barn restoration contractors, we want you to have the same experience!