Amish Barn Builders in PA, MD

Another barn built by Stable Hollow Construction

Stable Hollow Construction is a custom barn builder, committed to building you the barn of your dreams. We work in PA and MD, building barns that range from functional farm buildings to elaborate event spaces. Our team is highly experienced in constructing elaborate horse barns and riding arenas as well as garages, storage barns, and basic outbuildings. 

Pole barns, bank barns, timber frame barns - our Amish barn builders craft them all!  You may have questions about your barn construction ideas.  What are the steps to building a horse barn?  What is the cost to build a pole barn?  What is involved in building a timber frame barn?  Our barn building specialists based in Central Pennsylvania have answers for you!

We’ll construct your barn with a strong framework to support whatever size building you need. If you are building a livestock barn, we are extra careful to include good lighting and ventilation. Because many of us have worked with animals, the health and well-being of your animals are important to us.

We want you finished barn to mirror your dreams. We address each of your ideals with as much precision as possible. We are happy to match the new barn to your existing buildings. You will have input into the style of doors, hardware, and accessories used.

Because of our attention to detail and quality, your new barn will shelter your livestock and provisions from wind and rain while adding a stylish flair to your property. Browse through our project gallery below to tour our wide range of custom buildings. Do you need it? We can build it.


What Is a Pole Barn?

Pole barns are based on pole framing, also called post-frame construction.  The beauty of this barn building method is its simplicity. Posts or poles are buried in the ground (or anchored to a concrete foundation) to serve as the foundational vertical stability of the barn.   Girts, or sheeting rails, span these poles to provide horizontal integrity.

Pole barns are typically less expensive and time-consuming to erect than other types of barns.  Since each “footer” is independently prepared, a level starting site is less important and the foundation prep work is much easier.  Since less wood is needed for a pole barn than traditional barn styles, overall material expenses are reduced. Less concrete means reduced foundation cost.  And, labor expense is less, since the time to erect a pole building is reduced.

Building a pole barn also creates wider spaces for wall insulation, increasing the efficiency of the thermal barrier. Pole barns are generally known for superior ventilation.  Our Amish barn builders are experts at building the perfect pole barn for your needs!


What Is a Timber Frame Barn?

Think “barn” and you probably visualize a timber frame barn. These beautiful, rustic structures rely on ancient building methods and are built to last. Timber frame barns use large pieces of lumber (often cut directly from a tree).  These large pieces are placed farther apart than in typical stick frame building.  The pieces are held together by various types of unique joints and wooden pins or pegs.

Timber frame barns are solid from the heart of immense timbers through the hand-crafted joints to the finishing planks.  Our barn building crews enjoy the challenge of crafting traditional timber frame barns.

What Is a Bank Barn?

Since a bank barn is built into a bank or hillside, it has drive-up door access on two levels.  The stone bank barn of eighteenth-century Europe became popular in colonial America.  The Pennsylvania bank barn includes a forebay with at least one wall extending beyond the foundation.

A bank barn can be reborn as an event space or party barn with modern ventilation and lighting.  Whether you need traditional agricultural space or a commercial event center, consider having our barn building exerts construct a charming bank barn for you!