Bank Barn Builders in PA and MD

Ephrata Bank Barn

Imagine how the Pennsylvania countryside looked in the 18th century when a million farmers tilled the land and tended their stock. Acres of hay, grain, and grass stretched for miles, interspersed by forested hills — and, of course, barns.

The Pennsylvania bank barn - what an enduring symbol of colonial Pennsylvania and its German heritage!  The bank barn, built into the side of a hill by innovative design, allowed ground-level access to both the first and second floors.  Typically, Pennsylvania farmers housed their animals on the lower floor and stored grain and hay on the upper floor.  The distinctive setback of the first floor in some bank barns allowed the farmer to keep the lower floor open in all weather for better ventilation.  


Bank Barn Restoration

Over the years, Stable Hollow Construction has restored and rebuilt many old bank barns. Our historic barn specialists bring their knowledge of traditional barn building techniques into bank barn restoration projects.  If you are wondering how to save an old barn on your property, we’ll be excited to discuss historic barn preservation with you.  Considering a wedding barn conversion?  From stone foundations to rustic cupolas, we have Amish barn specialists who can help you!


Bank Barn Construction

Our Amish barn restoration experts also bring their knowledge of traditional barn building techniques into new bank barn construction projects. Do you need a new barn, more storage space, or a place to host events?  Consider asking us to build a traditional Lancaster County style bank barn for you. Our bank barns can be built in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your needs and fulfill your dreams.  The Stable Hollow Construction team is committed to building with quality materials and expert skill. When we are finished, you will have a sound structure built to last.

You can own a Pennsylvania bank barn and enjoy the timeless aura it brings to your property. Although we employ modern power tools, our bank barn specialists still use time-tested, hand-crafted construction methods.  Delight your inner history buff with a new bank barn that looks as though it was constructed 200 years ago. 

Stable Hollow restores rustic bank barns and builds new bank barns that stand out as homes, commercial spaces, event venues, and even…barns! Contact us to discuss whether a bank barn would fulfill your dreams.