Customer Testimonials

Conowingo, MD

The integrity of that company, and the quality of the workmanship is unsurpassed. I had no idea the level of detail these gentlemen had... [My friends and family said], "Wow, what a company! Larry, you picked the right people."

"Yes I did. There is not a doubt in my mind that Stable Hollow were the people that were to do this barn for me."

Larry Darrenkamp, Owner

Lititz, PA

Elizabeth Furnace in Lititz, PA

We put a lot of time and effort into preserving this colonial jewel. We were instilled to appreciate it and to do whatever was in our power to preserve it. For that reason, you bring in the best people you can. You don’t cut any corners.

Craig Coleman, owner of Elizabeth Furnace

York Springs, PA

Garage Barn Improvements

Stable Hollow Construction helped me turn my dream into reality. From the moment they came out to give me an estimate on the work and discuss my plans, I noticed an unparalleled attention to detail. All of the people I worked with at the company were courteous and helpful. They went above and beyond to answer my questions and address my concerns. The work was done in a timely fashion, and the employees were very respectful. The diligence and perseverance shown when finding and fixing the leak in the water pump is especially noteworthy. The company is very professional and has excellent customer service. They even came back out after the project was completed to adjust some of the fastenings I was having trouble manipulating. The finished work is just what I wanted and more. The gutter work has been meticulously done. The beautifully crafted stable area could not be finer - it does not even look remotely like the same space I started with. I would definitely turn to Stable Hollow for future projects.

Rona F.

Halifax, PA

Building relationships is an important value for our team. We value the worth of others highly and want to see both our clients and our employees thrive. It’s our goal to nurture the skills and talents of our team, so they, in turn, can do the same thing for our customers

Stoltzfus brothers, Owners of Stable Hollow

Manchester, MD

barn door latch

There was quality and attention to detail at every step. They employed maximum reuse of materials. Any decay in an original beam or post could be cut out and the piece could be resized for windows, door frames, and trim. Besides saving some money, the reuse greatly contributed to maintaining the character and heritage of the barn.

John Murray

Poolesville, MD

Restored Bank Barn in MD

I know hard work when I see it. I know organization when I see it. That was apparent from day one with Stable Hollow Construction. They were willing to restore everything they could on my barn. They had a lot more confidence in the barn’s structure than I did. I want them back when I have more restoration projects.

Jim Clifford

Keedysville, MD

fully restored historic barn

It's been such a blessing — this journey of loss. I lost half my family between January of 2016 and March of 2017. Then I inherited the barn. Now the renewal of everything my mom always wanted...not to have the barn fall into disrepair. I value the entire journey but especially the history and looking back and remembering.

Kelly Drosdak

Green Lane, PA

When I started the journey of restoring my 100 plus year old barn, I did not realize the subtle but extraordinary combination of construction skills and historical design knowledge required to bring the old building to life again. The Stable Hollow team worked hard to ensure that that every aspect of the project was coordinated and executed as promised even through poor weather and difficult logistics. Today the barn is ready for its second century and for generations to come. If you are looking for a high quality team to restore your barn and like outbuildings, look no further than Stable Hollow as your honest partner.

Chris Dascenzo

Elizabethtown, PA

Stable Hollow Construction did excellent work on our barn. They added new support beams, crafted a number of new doors, and updated some of the trim. The doors are beautiful, and we were very pleased not only with their quality work but with their professionalism, their communication on the project, and their dedication to finishing the work in a timely manner. This is a very well-run business, and we thank them for their service.  

Jamie McGlaughlin

Upperco, MD

Stable Hollow does a fantastic job. Very thorough - no punch list. I would not hesitate to recommend them!  I particularly enjoy working with Daniel.

Ned Halle

Chevy Chase, MD

Over the last 7 years MR Roofing has installed complete new roofs on two 100
year old houses.  Stable Hollow has restored a 200 year-old large stone barn
and two tractor sheds (including new roofs on all three buildings).   I am
72 years old and can enthusiastically say that it does not get any better
than this.  At the end of every job I am sorry to see them leave.  Great guys
and fantastic craftsmen!

Philip Grill

Stroudsburg, PA

restored barn

Thank goodness we found Stable Hollow to preserve it. Now it’s hard to imagine what the property would be like if that barn wasn’t there.

Even with Stable Hollow driving almost 2 hours a day, they got more done when they were here than anyone else ever did. They don’t waste any time. We learned a ton about barns, and Stable Hollow was an incredible source of knowledge. We learned a lot about their woodworking and how they were able to repurpose so many things. Anybody who is looking to restore a barn, and called or asked, I would 100% suggest to work with them. I think they are honest, fair, trustworthy, knowledgeable craftsmen, who were as passionate about saving and restoring the property as we were. Leroy would come out and he would be giddy, and Daniel, the foreman on most of the job, was one of the best people I have worked with on any project. We went and bought hand-wrought iron straps for all the doors, and they made it work. They look beautiful. Nobody else would have taken the effort to do that.

Rob and Gina

Stewartstown, PA

Barn Restoration

I have made multiple recommendations of SHC and I know of at least two that turned into jobs! Always happy to recommend a firm that does excellent work and is responsive to their customers!


Don Linebaugh, PhD, RPA

Barnesville, PA

Barn Beams Restoration

Looking at the inside of our barn you can see the knee wall installed to stabilize the foundation as well as the new post supporting the floor. What cannot be seen is all the work that took place to remove partitions, a concrete feeding trough, other debris as well as rotted railroad ties used as flooring and a layer of old straw and animal waste. Also all the excavation and regrading plus installation of drainage piping behind the retaining wall and in from of the barn wall. All of this excavation work took place during spring rains creating lots of mud. My compliments to Mr. Daniel Esh and his crew. 

Mark Christ

Upperco, MD

Stable Hollow did a fantastic job for me and was fast and professional. I enjoyed working with the company and will definitely use them again.

Ned Halle