New Construction

New Construction Bank Barn by Stable Hollow Construction

Did you think Stable Hollow Construction only restores historic structures? OK, here's a secret: We do a lot of new construction too. And we bring the same craftsmanship into these projects also.

Whatever your new construction needs, we will partner with you to make your dream a reality. Each new barn or structure we have completed in PA and MD has been built with quality materials and craftsmanship, making it a dream to own now and a pleasure to maintain into the future.

With our timber framing expertise and dedicated crews of stone masons, we are able to bring the quality and craftsmanship that is found in centuries-old barns to new construction. Throughout the whole building process, we will communicate with you to ensure that we construct exactly what you have envisioned. With our competitive rates and years of building experience, you can relax with complete peace of mind.