Why Design-Build Construction?

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This barn / garage combination was built by Stable Hollow Construction

Barn blueprint by Stable Hollow ConstructionStable Hollow Construction is expert at Design-build construction in PA and MD. Design-build construction delivers many advantages to the client: a streamlined process, reduced project time, cost savings, and quality control. The design-build approach unites all aspects of the project under one contract. It is a Master Builder approach, where one expert entity is responsible for delivery from concept to completion.

Saves Money

Design-build construction starts with the client’s budget. From the very beginning budget considerations are in play, shaping the process to fit inside the client’s wallet. Because the approach is fluid between concept and construction, decisions are made throughout the process. The client is free to make adjustments to the design without changing the cost. There are no surprises.

Reduced Project time

Conception and construction phases of the project overlap, reducing delivery time.

Streamlined Process

A great advantage to the client is that all the responsibility rests with one contractor, written into one contract. The design-build contractor is responsible for coordinating all of the project’s subcontractors. Everyone who participates in the project becomes part of the same team. Communication is increased, and the project is completed in a unified, orderly process. The client is free to focus on the project instead of weighed down with administrative details.

Quality Control

The streamlined nature of the process assures consistent quality from start to finish. From the very beginning, input is considered from suppliers and subcontractors. Higher levels of integration between the project’s different components mean less room for things to slip between the cracks. Details are taken care of.

These advantages change the client’s role in the building process from the high stress position of coordinating different parties to working with one party to achieve his or her dreams. Building becomes an interactive process between client and contractor. The client is free to focus on putting his or her preferences into reality. Design-build construction is a flexible, streamlined, and cost effective process that delivers to the client’s needs every time.